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Bayside Heating & Air Conditioning knows secret to success!

Though Bayside Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. serves 14,000 customers, co-owners Gary Robinson and Tom Provatas say they haven’t forgotten old-fashioned service. “We started out doing business with a handshake and a follow-up,” Robinson says. “We were amazed at the response we would get. People were flabbergasted with the follow-up. As far as we were concerned, we just did what we said we’d do.”

They believe the secret to success is reliability and longevity. “We see a lot of fellows come into the business and don’t last too long, because they’re looking for short-term gain,” Robinson says. “Seventy percent of AC companies in Florida fail in the first two years.”

“We started out doing business with a handshake and a follow-up” – Gary Robinson

Bayside heating and air conditioning Angie's List Super Service Award“We’ve been in business more than 10 years, and customers know we’re going to be here tomorrow if they have a problem,” Provatas adds.

They spread this philosophy to their employees. “We’ve tried to provide a place we’d want to come to work ourselves, and we treat our people with the same respect we do our customers,” Robinson says. “When a worker is happy and proud of the place they work at, it shows in their work.”

Angie’s List member Larry Herring of Seminole appreciated the attention to detail and service when Bayside replaced a corroded air handler. “They efficiently installed the new units, took care of all the inspections and helped me submit a rebate to Progress Energy,” Herring says.

They make special efforts and work long hours during Florida’s intense summer. “When a customer is without air, it’s critical we get to them as quickly as we possibly can, especially if it involves elderly folks or somebody with a medical condition,” Robinson says.

Provatas and Robinson say they remain dedicated doing the same work they’d expect from someone they hired themselves. “We treat each customer like we’re doing the work for our own family or friends,” Robinson says.

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