Keep your A/C unit running efficiently all year long

Follow these tips to keep your A/C unit running efficiently all year long, and save money on energy bills.

1. Check your filters and replace them if dirty.
2. Don’t put any lights of other items that may generate heat next to your thermostat .
3. Keep the temperature as high as is comfortable. Every degree below 78, increases electricity use by about 8%..
4. Consider a programmed thermostat to help save energy.
5. Is it time to replace your HVAC model? New technology is available that may save enough money on your electric bill to practically pay for themselves.
6. Weatherize – so you don’t cool the whole neighborhood.
7. Watch the pavement and mind the landscaping. Zero-scaping can increase radiant heat next to your home.
8. Cut back any vegetation next to your outside unit. There should be at least 2 feet of clearance all around the unit.