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Yearly PMA

Benefits Include

  • Discounted diagnostic fee
  • Discount on all parts & repairs
  • Two inspections per year
  • Priority scheduling
  • Precision tuneup

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redArrowMeasure refrigerant pressures for best efficiency
redArrowMeasure amperage on compressor & all motors
redArrowCheck starting capabilities
redArrowCheck electrical contractors in condenser
redArrowClean outdoor condenser coils if needed
redArrowCheck safety controls
redArrowLubricate motor bearing ports

redArrowInspect accessible duct work
redArrowCheck indoor blower components
redArrowTreat drain pan with time released algaecide tablets
redArrowInspect indoor evaporator coil
redArrowMeasure system temperature drop
redArrowVisual refrigerant leak check
redArrowClean condensate drain line
redArrowCheck thermostat calibration
redArrowCheck heat strips and temperature

redArrowCheck heat anticipator
redArrowInspect automatic blower control
redArrowSafety check low voltage wiring
redArrowCheck gas pilot light
redArrowCheck condition of any filter medias
redArrowClean or replace standard and washable filters

Benefits Include…

redArrowDiscounted trip charge & diagnostic fee.
redArrowAn additional discount on all parts & repairs.
redArrowPriority scheduling.
redArrowHelps to lower utility bills and improve indoor comfort.
redArrowHelps prevent sudden beakdowns and extend the life of your equipment.
redArrowYou will receive a full report on your equipments condition in the form of
      written inspection reports.

redArrowIncludes 2 inspections per year by a qualified technician.
redArrowWe call you to schedule your maintenance check-ups.