There’s a lot of “getting” in “Thanksgiving”!

In a study, the author of the book Authentic Happiness asked 411 people to perform one of six tasks that supposedly would make them feel an elevated sense of well-being. Among the tasks was one that required writing a letter of thanks to someone who had been especially kind to the writer, but who had never received his or her expressed gratitude. Part two of the assignment was to deliver that letter in person and stay while they read it silently. Seligman found that of all the positive tasks assigned, the gratitude option delivered the highest boost to the happiness of study participants and the most significant reduction in symptoms of depression. What’s more, the subjects who chose the gratitude task were still enjoying the benefits after one-week and one-month follow-ups. (Here are 10 secrets from the happiest countries on earth.)  Could you replicate these findings in your own life?  Give it a try.

Here at Bayside Heating and Air Conditioning we want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, to our customers.  We appreciate your trust in us to do what’s right by you and your heating and air conditioning system.  We do the best we can every day to treat you and your system right!

We also want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, to all our employees!!!  We are very proud of your commitment to “do the right thing”, and to always keeping “customer satisfaction” as your highest priority.

We also remind ourselves every day to be thankful that we have this day to enjoy ourselves, our work, our families, and our lives.  We encourage everyone to pause every day to be thankful.  It will give you a feeling of happiness and pleasure!  Try it right now.  Go ahead…