Why Clean Air Ducts are Important!

Bayside AC Clean Air DuctsApril 14th, 2013 ~ The subject of clean air ducts has recently become of importance in residential homes. Millions of Americans suffer from allergies due to a variety of air borne contaminants, many of which are found in the indoor environment.   Hazardous allergens and air borne pollutants in some indoor air exceeds that of outdoor air by up to 70% (statistics gathered by EPA’s Indoor Air Quality Division  Contaminants found in duct systems can include mold, fungus, dirt, dust and pollen.

Having a clean air duct system can have a positive effect on your health. Thus more people are becoming aware of the importance of air duct cleaning and sanitation.  If you or a family member at home is suffering from allergy symptoms like headaches, cough, sinus pressure, or nasal congestion, there is a possibility the culprit is the air in your own home.

A home which has seen some remodeling, has sustained any water damage, has pets, has older carpeting, or a smoker is most likely in need of air duct cleaning.  If you are contemplating having your air ducts cleaned and sanitized but are unsure, Contact Bayside Heating and Air Conditioning by calling (727) 669-4300 or by filling out our secure Contact Bayside AC  Form.